GDPR is fast approaching but there is limited guidance as to compliant workflows. At Resolution Economics, we’re focused on thoughtful solutions that meaningfully implement the data privacy principles impacting transatlantic Personal Data transfers. Please see a short summary and a link to the white paper below: 

The EU – U.S. Privacy Shield principles attempt to proactively alleviate the imprecise application of GDPR for U.S. entities but there is neither certainty that this program will suffice over the long-term nor guidance as to what constitutes technical achievement therein. It is therefore incumbent upon all anticipated controllers and processors to be mindful of the core GDPR principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency when conducting transatlantic Personal Data transfers. This paper discusses the SCOPE process for carefully and openly considering GDPR during such transactions: 1) Specification; 2) Collection; 3) Observation; 4) Protection; and 5) Execution.