Financial Advisory

The Resolution Financial Advisory Services team (Resolution FAS) is comprised of experienced and credentialed consultants with sophisticated accounting and financial expertise. Resolution FAS consultants have testified as experts and/or consulted on hundreds of disputes where the underlying issues include: accounting malpractice, economic damages, forensic investigations, construction claims, and other complex accounting and finance driven issues. Resolution FAS assists counsel in all phases of commercial litigation including: case strategy, document production, data analysis, report generation, rebuttal analysis, and testimony at deposition and trial.


Accounting / Professional Malpractice

Resolution FAS team members are among the nation’s top experts in the field of accounting malpractice. Resolution FAS assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Reviewing and assessing allegations
  • Identifying appropriate accounting and professional standards (e.g., IFRS/GAAP/GAAS)
  • Analyzing the accountant’s application of GAAS/GAAP standards
  • Evaluating the impact of correct application of accounting standards on financial reporting
  • Evaluating the performance of audit engagements under the applicable professional standards

Economic damages

In complex commercial disputes economic damage identification and quantification can require expertise in sophisticated financial and accounting concepts. Resolution FAS assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Assisting with discovery
  • Identifying fact patterns
  • Developing strategy
  • Computing economic damages

Forensic Investigations

Members of the Resolution FAS team have been involved with some of the largest, highest profile and most sophisticated forensic investigations in recent history. Resolution FAS assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Determining the methods of fraud and quantifying its effect
  • Securing key documents
  • Interviewing key individuals
  • Reconstructing lost or destroyed financial records
  • Performing in-depth financial statement analysis

Construction Claims

Highly complex, multi-faceted construction projects often conclude with disputes between developers and construction contractors. Resolution FAS assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Reviewing contracts and change orders
  • Analyzing calculations for added labor, materials, equipment, etc.
  • Computing incremental labor and material costs
  • Analyzing additional manpower, shifts and overtime charges
  • Reviewing costs of delays
  • Analyzing incremental overhead costs
  • Reviewing contractor draw requests
  • Analyzing construction schedules

Purchase Price / M&A Disputes

Resolution FAS Team members hold significant experience in calculating, evaluating, and testifying in purchase price and post-acquisition dispute matters, as well as serving as a third-party neutral arbitrator. Resolution FAS provides the following:

  • Serving as arbitrators in determinations of financial metrics (EBITDA, Net Working Capital) in accordance with GAAP and the terms of the contracts;
  • Identifying key indirect-factors that influence performance metrics at issue through deep understanding of interconnection of financial information

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

Throughout all stages of the merger and acquisition process, Resolution FAS team members have provided a variety of services to aid in the decision making of our clients. Resolution FAS has assisted parties in M&A regarding:

  • Significance and quality of key assumptions in the deal process, including seasonality, cyclicality, foreign currency effects, and expected synergies
  • Technical accounting advisory regarding the appropriateness and mechanics to achieve business combinations across diverse organizations
  • Application of business combinations concepts including purchase accounting, leveraged recapitalizations, joint-venture / Leveraged Buy-Out structures and pooling transactions
  • Planning and execution of spin-offs, carve-outs, and the financial reporting functions of the resulting businesses